Math Games: Exponent Match

Monster Exponent Match

I like to incorporate games into the classroom as much as possible. With this Exponent Match game, my students were able to explore the exponent pattern as a group. In this game students match the exponent form card with the expanded (or factor) form card and the standard form card. Then they record it by the corresponding letter. For example (see pictures below), they would match card ‘g’, which says 7^2, with 7 x 7 and 49. Then they would record the three forms on the recording sheet next to letter ‘g’. By the end of the game, I saw the lightbulbs go on. Their brains were tired, and they gave an accomplished sigh of relief. This game made the students and teacher happy!

Fifth grade is just an introduction to exponents at my school, but these matching cards could be used as a memory game or flash cards.  There are 72 cards in all. There are 24 exponent form cards, 24 expanded (factor) form cards, and 24 standard form cards. All show cute monsters!

Students can record the matched cards on the 2 page recording chart. This can be used as a math center, group work, or station. There are more letters on the back.

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